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The intense use of smartphones and mobile internet has broadened the communication sector involving all sorts of facilities and services desired, within the reach of our fingertips. Hence, the businesses are now converting themselves into cloud technology to explore and capture the international market of every segment.

DaBank is a rising conglomerate in the sector of data collection for Market Research, Product Promotion and Advertisement activities. A platform with various Information Technology provisions in the form of business activities, has been designed to share knowledge and express views through social communication, for business purposes.

DaBank facilitates the Netizens to get integrated with the international business community and enjoy a profit share of the huge ongoing turnovers all around. It's an opportunity to participate in marketing research, advertisement and promotional activities through simple social networking and communication approach.


The Business Career

The existing century can’t exist without internet. Earlier the Internet or Intranet was used only to gather information in digital format, but nowadays it has become an essential commodity to fulfill every basic need in our lives. This implies that many aspects of human life from entertainment, banking, business, traveling, shopping and advertisement to friendship, relationship, marriage, jobs and career are all influenced by the use of the internet. Not only the personal or individual utility, the internet has also played a revolutionary role in expressing and communicating our views related to social, economic and political phenomenon and movements to the whole world in a few clicks. As a result, we experience huge progressive and constructive movements. Therefore, moving a step ahead from “Citizenship” and leaving behind boundaries like country, religion, caste, color, race and class, “Netizenship” has established a different approach around the world.

The authorized associates of DaBank are known as Netizens, who share their knowledge, opinions, facts and information along with systematic efforts to create a huge data base of consumers and users around the world. This database is utilized by the associated business partners of DaBank for commercial purposes and handsome revenue is generated by DaBank. A considerable part of the revenue generated is further shared with the Netizens forum, under certain terms and conditions. Revenue Sharing is also provided for the promotion of DaBank activities as well as the products and services of associated business partners. DaBank offers an advertisement channel for the manufacturers and suppliers to demonstrate their product and expand their reach to a huge structured database of Netizens.


The Financial Lifeline

As a well-known fact, huge budgets are provisioned for market research, advertisement, placement as well as promotion of products and services. Data collection and knowledge sharing for such activities has been established as a well-organized business. DaBank is also an organization involved in this wonderful business faculty, approaching various organizations and corporations around the world on individual economic and/or financial agreements for revenue generation.

Netizens play an important role as a huge source of market research, advertisement, promotion, marketing of products and services as well as data collection and knowledge sharing activities. If rewarded properly, this important source of the market can be utilized at an optimum level.

Therefore, to create interest in conducting these activities and promote the marketing techniques among the Netizens, DaBank offers a part of the revenue to the Netizens as profit sharing. Netizens get rewarded on a rational base of the number of Netizens and the number of activities being conducted in their Netizens Forum.


Systematic Sincere Efforts are Rewarded!

  • Individual Rewards


    Rewarded for the individual efforts to promote the products and services recommended by DaBank among Social Community.

  • Forum Rewards


    Rewarded for creating Netizens Forum by participating in the events, seminars & trainings, resulting in massive promotion of the recommended products and services.

  • Club Rewards


    Rewarded for the promotion of premium services and products recommended by DaBank, through a unique Imperial Club Rewarding System.

  • Gold Rewards


    Special performance-based rewards in the form of gift vouchers for “Gold Shopping” on achieving predefined criterion of various targets.

  • DaPride


    Highest level of honor and felicitation in the form of Luxury Sedans to the Netizens, succeeded in the establishment of huge Netizen Forums under four predefined stages.

  • 1App Rewards


    Rewarded on e-commerce turnover of Netizens Forum through a channelized reward system of a unique e-Commerce Platform being integrated with DaBank.




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